02 October 2022


First ever tour is now over, and what a wild few days it's been!

Felt strange already as we crossed the bridge over to Denmark, when the realization that this was serious, that we were finally on our way out.

After getting up at 3am, we started one of the most brutal road trips I've been on, from Stockholm to Thorshammer Festival in Germany, Suhl, together with the boys from Zornheym .

Incredible playground surrounded by mountains, deep forest and green meadows. The nature in Germany is amazing.

It was already at the first gig that it started to feel unreal about the response the audience gave us. What an electric feeling!

It was also there I realized what machinery a tour really means.

After a quickly approaching cold evening with really fat music acts and associated fire show, we threw ourselves on to Magdeburg and Flower Power.

Here came the real test of fire when I had never driven two days in a row, and had no idea of response or energy for the upcoming concert.

I was pleasantly surprised in both cases.

Incredibly rewarding show, with the highlight that I was invited to sing with Zornheym in their last song, what a euphoria!

After that we took adieu to the boys in Zornheym and did a little holiday round in Cologne. The cathedral was, despite our paganism, insanely impressive and grandiose. Have seen bigger ones though..

After that, the roads led us to the Netherlands, Geleen and Café de Meister where we wandered in a really picturesque village taken from a fairy tale book. Really nice staff where English could be used fully again!

There I was also affected by the heavy cold that stubbornly accompanies me even while writing.

I thought it would have been driven through the amount of elephant tablets I needed to abuse, but there also the ingenuity of emergency was shown and the show was executed gallantly! Another hardship has been overcome!

With the flag at the top and a certain habit that has now settled, the journey towards France and Paris began to raid Le Klub.

The traffic chaos was a fact, but nevertheless Brigitte used to drive to the playground and a magnificent city opened again after so many years since I last saw it.

Once arriving at the playground which was a super delicious old basement vault, I realized, with my best posture, that the stage was easily limited in its evolution possibilities. Aka small stage for a big singer.. well..

After tasting the world's tastiest crêpes and getting to see Notre Dame, though from a distance, we drove to pray, I consider one of the three best gigs of the tour! What a response from the audience! What a feeling on the playground, and what a band!

The morning after, the boat headed towards Lille and La Brate Cave.

Really cool place that was driven by a fire soul for both music and retroarcade sole for which he had one of Europe's coolest game rooms! Unfortunately we never had a chance to have a gaming night. Next time..

I had now had to change my singing style to clean growl which even became an experiment for the evening. A successful one I might add!

After a simple dinner with the best fries I've ever eaten, we rocked the socks off the audience and left again with the flag at its peak!

The next day it was time to turn the longship towards Belgium and the City of Breeeeeeeee * pig squeal * to play at Ragnarok Live Club.

Even here the atmosphere was at the absolute top! The owners were really welcoming and professional, the sound was majestic and the response was above and beyond! They will want us back soon and we will not doubt a return!

Big shoutout to Luigi Musto who had his third and final, and according to his best, show with us. What a warrior you are old man! Love you long time, champion of Havamal!

This is also where we all began to feel what a well-oiled machine we had become. Both up and downgrading went smoothly and quickly now. Everyone had their roles and handled it gallantly. It turned out and felt professional.

After that, the longship aimed for the next stop in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Super crowded alleys, but it was possible thanks to helpful residents and Brigitte's eminent driving.

A really rustic punk pub named Mukkes with down to earth audience and a rawer feeling than previous gigs awaited us. Really lovely and sweaty feeling!

The next day, we again controlled the compass to Germany, Cottburg to play at Muggefug. It was here that I really realized what an impact the tour and we have on people. The place was vibrating at the basics when we opened our show and people were like crazy! One of the top three experiences of the tour hands down!

After a euphoric gig, we made it to the last playing venue, The Scotsman in Schwerin. A little more rustic, but this despite that, we broke our audience record during the tour and turned upside down instead! Three extras to end the tour with a bang! Best gig overall in person!

The public response has been absolutely incredible. With the tour, I have learned and got to both see and hear the impact our music and stage show have. People who had never heard of us before were completely sold out and bought tons of merch and literally everyone applauded our efforts. It felt surreal and amazing!

All the hosts and staff we worked with have been extremely friendly and helpful, a big thank you to everyone who made the experience complete around and with the music! No one mentioned, no one forgotten.

I also have to extend a thank you to all the bands that complemented our gigs on the trip! OfficialGallia , Yrzen , Stiriah Kozoria . Holzen , Axis Mundi . What an experience to play with you and hear you!

Ffa Zornheym will get an extra big wet kiss from me for a really nice start to the tour! See you guys around!

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank Brigitte of Hell Frog Promotion for her tireless commitment and professional behavior. Without you nothing would have been possible and we are forever grateful for everything you have done and do for the band and us in general!

First of all I want to thank my faithful hymn weavers in Havamal. I can't remember the last time I've had this much fun and you are all good in gold! Valhallpartaj is waiting for this!

Now I'm going home and shower and try to melt one of the most epic and richest experiences of my life. This is hopefully the end of the beginning of the next chapter in Havamal’s history, and it couldn’t have started and or ended better.

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