Havamal Lyrics

Call of The North

Träd ej över din tröskel in,
förrän du spejat och spanat.
Ty ovisst är att ej vet, var ovänner sitta.
Fä dör, fränder dör, själv dör du likaledes.
Men ett vet jag som aldrig dör,
dom över död man.
The skies slowly turns to red, as prophecies fortold.
A darkness sweeps towards the worlds demise.
Challenging life itself these lands will gravely bleed,
from wounds and scars an endless night will rise.
Now, stand proud, and fend off the creatures, that hides in the shade.
Now fight, or die, a proud fate awaits once you enter the glade

With frozen looks defiled by time, and silence in their minds,
The army of the fallen rise anew.
Summoned from the darkened depths with death as force of mind
Both froststains and firelinks are spewn!
The ritual, is done, eternal night start, to take its own shape
All hope, is gone, resist your own fate!

A new age begins, the soil starts to burn.
The frost fires sweeps through our sins.
The ashes of time will scattered from light,
the dread age of man is nigh.
Our memories, whispered from a world, turning blind.

Lost inside a vortex, of never-ending pain.
The age of man shall end, tonight.

Now, stand proud, the dead army marches, and we will hold fast or,
Fall, if we die, Valhalla will greet us to battle once more!

The new age begins, the soil starts to burn.
The frost fires sweeps through our mind.
The ashes of time now scatters from light, the dread age of man is nigh,
our memories whispered, from a world turning blind.
Drenched away from sunlight's eye,
where shadows dance at dawn.
Where frozen peaks of endless pain
drowns in eternal storms.
That's where I ask, my warriors,
with battle scars from old,
To stand with me, once more arise, let
your destiny unfold!

Rise as one, a force feared and known.
Jotunheim will now face the northern hordes.

Our warriors descend on soil,
where frozen hope awaits.
The eerie sound of nothingness,
is hastily flung away.
Brace yourselves, my warriors,
and raise your battle cries!
The giants will draw back in force
Once we teach them how, to die!

The ground starts to tremble, the skies becomes black.
With hate and despair the giants attack.

Fight till death is what we want,
our freedom we will claim.
My soul is linked through forge and flame,
to face whatever pain.

Blood to bone!
Forever gone.
An eagles flight.
Forever stained!

A close-call victory was won that frost-stained day.
The giants were driven back in vengeance bloody name.

Stand proud, my Einherjars,
we've won this dreaded day,
the giants forces in the north,
will soon be swept away.
Now clean your wounds and swipe your blades,
more thresholds lies ahead.
And I won't stop my darkened path
until they all are dead!

The rimsurturs will pay this day, eternal night will fall.
The war of Aesirs's claims our souls, and victory's our call!
Bretheren will fall to them, but we will persevere.
They will drown in their own blood,
And our names they learn to fear!
The twilight of the Aesir faith is nigh,
the Fimbulwinter's cold, strikes hard!
For three long years, an ever-frost will reign.
The sun is dead and the world is drenched in pain,
chaos time, awake!

When brother turns on brother,
when Heimdall sounds his horn,
then Yggdrasil will bleed,
when the Vigrid plains becomes a battlefield.

The charred-red and Fjalar unleash the darkened, hordes,
while Gullinkambe cals on Aesirs, for war!
The hordes of Hel and Muspelheim arrives,
while aesirs ride from Asgaards mighty halls,
all sworn to die!

The Fenris wolf will swallow the sun,
while Hatr devours the moon.
Jormundr will wash ashore and drench the the world in doom.
Loki pierce his former friends with words of rage and hate,
Surt engulfes the entire world, in a final, fiery fate.

Mjolnir crushes the giant snake of dread,
but his poisoned blood will snare Thor, to the dead!
Odin falls as Fenris devours him whole,
but Vidar avenge his king with the dreadwolfs soul!
The world is lost!

Tyr will slay the fearsome Garm,
from the belly, of the beast.
Loki and Heimdall is locked in fight and neither will see the feast.
Darkened forces faces the gods in a final, bloody fight.
The world will burn from Ragnarök, the end time strikes tonight!
Our story will lead to a gloom-filled descent,
a path stained with madness and pain.
Trust with your instincts, don't look with your eyes,
or find your own soul lost in vain.
The sharp edge of hate glows within my own mind,
when the froststorms are leaving their mark.
With a vengeance denied and a hate growing blind,
a blood-curse is born from the dark!

The walls starts to crumble inside my mind cell,
my sanity is finally erased.
From the ashes of hope, a mad god arise,
blood-drunk, all twisted and crazed!
My etheral precense is stopped by no walls,
no mortal shall deny my call!
With a vengeance denied and a growing downfall,
a blood-curse is born from the dark!

Cold winds are roaring, all through the night,
My presence shakes the Earth!
Guardians of time and death, feel my broken trust!
when I find my former fiends I'll turn them into dust!

Scream out in fear of the pain that will come,
your knowledge is fuel for my hate.
So come all, come out, wherever you hide,
and face your own grim-cloaked fate!!
I am awakened to undo my death,
from your own fate you cannot flee.
My judge from beyond shall enslave your whole lives,
your souls will set me free.

Revenge upon you, freedom denied.
Death will makes your call!
Fight your own sadness, loose all your hope.
I will awaken judgement call!
Ever since the universe was born,
I've observed it, from the shadows.
I gave it knowledge, fears and life,
I am alfa, I am omega.

An endless darkness stands as my own home,
I have lived there, long past the eons.
Bound to be the judge of every soul,
a harsh god, an entity of justice.

Now, all my time, and all my life,
has been lost, amongst the stars,
but my mind, still recall, a time beyond words where,

lies, that agonize, still will haunt,
my raging vengeance. Where all,
cries, they will drown, a thousand times,
in the blood of their masters.

Search your own self, judge your own glood,
Remember your call and unleash you doom
Realease your own hate and cry for your soul,
the judgement day for the universe has come.

They will all remember my name,
when the nightsky descends upon them.
Nothing in the universe is safe,
when I show my own true fiendish form.

So, day and night, became one,
when the shadows consumed them
all, and the skies, starts to bleed,
from the almighty flames.

Now prepare, your demise, you will quench,
my raging vengeance. Where all,
cries, they will drown, a thousand times,
in the blood of their masters.

Tales From Yggdrasil

Träd ej över din tröskel in,
förrän du spejat och spanat.
Ty ovisst är att ej vet, var ovänner sitta.
Fä dör, fränder dör, själv dör du likaledes.
Men ett vet jag som aldrig dör,
dom över död man.
Long ago in Aesir times our heritage was strong.
Known through force and sheer, brutal will.
We fought whomever crossed our path, for Valhalla we die
And Odin smiled and praised our skill.

On our knees we did solemnly
swear our axes and shields to our lords.
In times of need and in times of war,
we would stand with the gods facing Yggdrasil's hordes.

And so the darkness came, the world were drenched in ice.
The Fimbulwinter's howl froze every vein.
When we heard the mighty call from Heimdall's gjallarhorn,
we turned around and fled in mortal shame.

Broken and lost, we were cursed by our choice,
and our oath was pummeled into dust.
We knew if any Aesirs lived throughout the fight,
they would swear a great vengeance on breakers of trust.

Fight for what you believe in,
or the dead will come for your sword.
Youre a coward, a traitor, defector,
and for this you will join the ranks
of the Drauger horde.

After the war Baldur stood alive,
and he spoke to us through fury and through gloom
"You did break your oath now your fate is sealed.
You will be the thing man fear when they flee before their doom."

Fight for what you believe in,
or the dead will come for your sword.
You're a coward, a traitor, defector,
and for this you will join the ranks
of the Drauger horde.

You were chosen to fight and die,
You were sworn to the Aesir's side.
You swore an oath to fight,
and yet you choose betrayal.
Born for war and reaping of lives
Our warrior stands alone
Death surrounds his every step
As his fate is carved in stone
Frozen lands unveils his fate
To fight until he dies
Now son of bear with cloak of strength
Unleash your furious cry

Blood and war forever sworn

Known through ranks of enemies
More beast than man in mind
Hundreds have been forced to die
Their heads his axe will find
Inside lives a raging beast
An animals lust for more
The bear inside outgrows the man
And throws him into war

For my gods I do declare
Blood through loathe will be my oath

Berserk, murderer, servant
Of the gods
Slayer, killer, murderer
Sound the horns
Berserk, murderer, champion
Of the gods
Slayer, killer
A warrior beast demanding blood

Forced to live a war-torn life
A bear disguised as man
His strength and hate will know no end
He's like battering ram
The the frozen north he bends his knee
His will is with the gods
With the axe in hand and a bear in mind
A berserker shows his form

With the gods I will conquer them all
Blood and war forever sworn

Berserk, murderer, servant
Of the norns
Slayer, killer, murderer
Sound the horns
Berserk, murderer, champion
Of the gods
Slayer, killer
A warrior beast demanding blood

Berserk, murderer, servant
Make them fall
Slayer, killer, murderer
Call for war
Berserk, murderer, champion
Raise your swords
Slayer, killer
A warrior standing tall
Can you feel it in the air? The smell of death tonight.
The ice gnawing deep in our bones.
On the tundra frozen wide all hope is cast aside
and suddenly we long for our homes.

Lost in our despair, we failed to feel the shift,
the mountains sprung open in the North.
And the soil itself did sunder
from the cold that struck us all,
and the lords of ice and frost sprung forth.

In the piercing snow, in the midst of cold,
we can hear their frost-filled cries.
Our blood will catch the sun's first rays.
See, the dawn of the frost giants rise.

The battle now commenced,
and the giants circled in,
their ancient hate from Ymir's death we felt.
Our steel now faced these mountains,
their cold condemned us all,
and our Norn-woven fate was dealt

When the night is gone our feast will come,
Valhalla calls for me.
For Odin I've died tonight,
by the frostsspawns killing spree.

In the piercing snow, in the midst of cold
our steel will bow to ice.
Our blood will catch the sun's first rays
See, the dawn of the frost giants rise.
Dawn of shade awakes, a new threat arrives.
A creature hid from human eyes,
full of death and hatred.

Vile and foul in heart, vengeance in his mind.
A monster chained from human eyes,
one of Hel created.

Chant for your protection,
look beyond your fears.
A nightmare has escaped its realm,
to terrorize mankind.

Many will be slaughtered,
few will tell the tale.
The Gods themselves have made it clear,
we're not allowed to fail.

A blood-stained day arrives, our banners dance with pride
a heathen horde stands proud and still awaiting battle.
Now, close your lines, raise your arms
and prepare for slaughter.

Suddenly the silence dies, the air grows thick of fear,
the nightmareborn emerges upon the chosen field.
The monster strikes a roar with its hatred to the skies.
The shaman priest now chant the runes,
the fearsome creature now must die.

Born from flesh with Aesir strength,
the enemy will fall by my blade.
Man and beast must fight once more,
for our Aesir faith our foes name will fade.

Darkness faces steel, blood-crazed hate will kneel,
the battlefield will weep with the blood of thousands.
Beast and man will stand, one will rule this land,
the fate of all of Midgaard will forge itself today.

Born to fight, live to die,
the Aesirs gaze with pride when they die.
Man has conquered beast once more,
victorious we chant our battle cry.

Beyond the ocean's cold mighty roars,
beneath the murky void.
In storm-ridden waters, she lies in wait,
to drag, to drown and destroy.

Ran, scourge of seas,
one that makes you drown.
Shorten life-breath inside her net,
dragging you endlessly down.

Once you're caught there is no escape,
the waters will soon be your grave.
Down to the depths of her halls you'll be dragged,
in death you will become her slave.

Lured by Ran into the darkened sea.
Down to halls of drowned eternally.

Claims your death and life beyond all time.
Ran do lure and guide your final climb.
This dire tale I bring to you
A story without hope
An event that sealed the Aesir reigns demise
The story I must tell to you
The tale of Balder's fate
Will echo through the memories of time

Dreams told of death
That Hel was prepared
To accept Balder when he dies
Frigg made everything
Swear on its pride
That all sort of harm
Her son could defy

Balder was immortal
And the gods amused themselves
By striking him so brutally and raw
But Loki had other plans
His heart was growing dark
And the end of Balder in his mind he saw

Out of a mistletoe and arrow he did forge
And placed it in Hödrs Hand
The blinded bond of blood
The arrow did shoot
And Balder's life was banned from Aesirland

Balder your fate is sealed
Death from a blind man's shot
The end times will bleed for you
And the world as we know it will be forgot
Einherjars fulfill your oath
The Norns holds your fate
There stand the world-tree dimmed and charred
Now fight for it, unleash Odin's hate

Ride for seven days and night
Cry out for my son
Hel will promise redemption if your sorrow will be shown
Töck refused to bow or mourn "He stays below" she said
And therefore Balder once again was cursed back to the dead

Höder must pay, Loki must pay
For their crimes against our own kind
Höder was slain by his own son in rage
While ravens they traced down the source of the sin

Balder your fate is sealed
Death from a blind man's shot
Loki caught in a cave
His treachery would seal his fate
Cold winds chilled whispers bring
A conflict to end them all
Vengeance through Loki's deed
Will be our final fall

Now that Balder's gone our worlds will burn
Through Ragnarök our world... must... fall Oh, oh cruel world
Warriors standing still.
Awaiting the battlefield.
Crows soon will feed.
Upon our deadly deed.

Cold in blood, darkness floods,
as soldiers shorten their breath.
Conquer fear, Odin's near,
to hail your brutal death.

Thunder, starts to roar.
Thor, looks for war.
Remember, when you fall,
your're welcomed to Odin's hall.

Call all souls across our realms.
Odin's horde. Stand as one and chant the Havamal.

Call all souls across our worlds.
Prove your worth and abide to Odin's words.

Warriors find your fate in your fall.
Valhalla's horde. Now fight and die for the Havamal.
Long before time of times,
before our kind stood tall.
In the midst of emptiness,
fire, ice and nothing ruled all

Right between Nifelheims coldened grip
and the fires from Muspelheim.
Two spawned from one will unite once more
and form our realms of Nine

Ymir now stood from the merging smoke,
and Audhumbla came alive.
They were the source, through their unity
a new world would soon arrive.

Realms will awake.
Witness the birth of time.
Ancient orders soon to break
A new age will reach its prime.

Call on the force of Ginnungagap.
When fire and ice will collide.
Mau and beast will be spawned from these,
their own fate they shape and decide.

Ymir did fathered the jotun race,
and the scourge of the giants began.
Spawned from the salt that was sealed in ice,
the dawn era created man.

Through Bures legacy, Bor and Bestla gave birth.
Through the sons of trinity,
the first of the Gods did unearth.

See, the beginning of our Yggdrasil.
Witness the birth of time.
Frost and fire gave us what is real.
And the gods would arise to proclaim their new-born prime

Minds of Odin, Vile and Ve,
shaped what we see as all.
Song of Bor made everything,
through the mighty Ymir's fall

See, the beginning of our Yggdrasil.
Witness the birth of all.
Ask and Embla shaped the human wheel.
And the gods would arise to uphold our one true call.

It was the beginning of times,
when nothing us did blind.
Neither grass nor earth, was to find.
No heavens above, just a gap that unfold,
The emptiness our world did hold.

The Shadow Chapter

Förd av skugga, blek och grå
En vilja därav bunden
I vinterskenets dystra dis
Ett livsdis släcks till grunden

Hatad, tärd, bränd och dömd
Han står vid dödens rand
Vidrig kraft inom får liv
Och ler med blodad tand

Strid om man och best i själ
Där hoppet ses försvunnen
Mörkret växer vida kring
Förlusten är nu vunnen

Träd uti din nya svid
Och svep ditt forna jag
Monstret ekar i ditt bröst
När människan är svag
Far from the god's light
Trapped down in shame
A freezing howling
Will spell my name

A sin unraveled
A bloody trail
An act of vengeance
Will be my tale

From Angrboda's
And Loki's sin
I came to Asgaard
First of my kin

They raised a servant
Their friend in mind
But time would show them
A darker kind

I bring night to where the sun will be
I bring storms to those that do defy me
I bring fangs to man when I strike and
I bring death to friend and foe alike

I curse your name
Entwined in chains
And I'll be the one
That brings flames
Twice chains were lost
Gleipnir's my cost
Tyr's wrath is mine
For all of time
Bound down in shame
I curse your name
Odin, face your crime
Hate and blood of foe, that is my call
Grow my strength and fury once and for all
When I break free from dwarven steel
I will end the world's eternal wheel

Sing my forlorn song across the battlefield
Now know my name, I'll be the Aesir's bane

Fenrirs will rise, although bound thrice
And I shall bring god's demise
Odin will fall, once and for all
And Vidar will end my final fall
Deep below through a sea of mist
In the realm where dead man dwell
Lies a monster, a dragonlord
Next to the Hvergelmer well

Chaos-tainted, a spawn of the dark
Creator of foul-ridden deed
Gnawing on roots that uphold the Tree
Our world will wither and bleed

In the land of the ice and the cold
He feasts upon the dead
Rips the flesh and drinks the blood
He chains our fear like lead

Bringer of our destruction
His shadow forever grows
Ender of our bright bold age
Our time he overthrows

Enemy of Hräsvelg
On top of Yggdrasil
Caught by hate and madness
Through times eternal and forboding seal

His primordial decree
Proclaims that he will be
Ruler of all evil
And bane of our World-tree

Nidhöggr, world-eater, scourge of the tree
The night before the dawn
Long will he live after Ragnarök
The beast from worlds all evil once did spawn

Through flames of war we'll see
The fall of Yggdrasil
For which he patiently
Will gnaw eternity
All alone in the darkest of night
On a frozen, blackened sea
There a ship drifts alone
Where gods won't hear their plea

From the bow comes a hopeful shout
"My captain, I see land"
We turn our heads to realize
That something's not as planned

Fear the unknown of this realm
The dead will tell ye all of its tales
Oh underneath the waves
An ancient monster awaits

From the depths a vicious roar
Caused all of our courage to seep
Tentacles of unknown height
Begins to slither down from the deep

"Draw your axes, draw your swords
And pray to Odin our lord!"
The crew will fight against all odds
Or it will drag us overboard

Fear the unknown of this realm
The dead will tell ye all of its tales
Underneath the waves
An ancient monster awakes

From a time that even the Aesirs fear
Deep below where Hel is near
A watery death awaits whomever comes there
Kraken dreaded by mortal mind
King of squids your ship will find
And drag you down into its domain

Screams now dies out one by one
As the monster chooses its prey
The crew diminishes rapidly
Escape looks rather grey

Suddenly the sea grows calm
And the ship is lost to sight
We are doomed down the abyss
Brought down by Kraken's might

Fear the unknown of this realm
Now we dead will tell ye its tales
Underneath the waves
The drowned lost crews awaits

From a time that even the Aesirs fear
Deep below where Hel is near
A watery death awaits whomever comes there
Kraken dreaded by mortal mind
King of squids your ship will find
And drag you down into its domain

When the seas are finally calm and still
When you've sealed your fate against your will
Remember our eternal sleep
Heed my warning, heed my call
The king of squids will spell your fall
So turn back or join us in the deep
Stormclouds gathers from the North
To shroud our Eastern land
Where the sun will never set
Across the burning sand

Spawned from evil deeds long ago
From birth our brands are drawn
Scorched by flaws from elder gods
Now fear the rise of dawn
Hear the sound of coming war
An endless anguished flood
A pantheon from forlorn worlds
Will cloud our skies with blood

Hear the sound of a thousand feet
And chants of unknown tongue
Our mighty walls will breach and fall
Our culture dies too young
Feel the wrath of mother North
Now dread this pagan horde
All light will fade as death approach
His call won't be ignored

Hear our cries
Gods of old awaken
Rise up, defend our mythos life
The north has arrived
Our worlds order will tremble
Save us from the flames of morbid strife
Or empires will burn

Death of Tiamat
Her heritage arrives
By our bloody sins
Marduk's curse through norsemen thrives
In the depths of Yggdrasil
Near the roots there lies a well
Do fear the rite
On this ancient site
Where death itself will dwell

Hear the whispers in the wind
Their beckoning, their call
When your life will end
For your soul they'll send
To the underworld you'll fall

The weavers of your fate
Both future and your past
The rulers of all prophecies
They deem which breath is last

So no matter what you do
To evade their mortal rule
You will jump their ledge
By a scissor's edge
They will play you like a mindless fool

The first of three is Urd
The eldest of her kind
She will spin your thread
And you'll know you're dead
By her cut your doom is signed

Verdandi rules the now
The presence is her task
She will judge by sight
Every wrong or right

And Skuld the future holds
When she calls you will descend
She will weave your fate
Your destiny create
The seer of all things' end

The Nornir rules us all
Both man and god will kneel
Their wen of life becomes our strife
And our final voyage they will deal

The stories we will face
And when we end our days
They weave your rise to fall
Hear Nornir's call

We all are born to die
By Nornirs when and why
Towards the unknown tide
We'll walk with pride

The masters of your soul
Our journey they make whole
They will undo us all
When they do call
In the world of old
There's a legend told
Ancient terror awakened
Seven times entwined
Fiend of all mankind
By the gods forsaken

Jaws with teeth of dread
Eyes of burning red
Spawn of Loki's temptation
From the black abyss
Hear the serpent's hiss
Jormungandr's damnation

Dragon of the sea
Damned eternally
Scorned by Odin's fear
When my endless hateful might was clear

God of Thunder's bane
Thor will curse my name
Ragnarök is mine
I will drown the wretched ending time

Dwelling down beneath
Summoned from the deep
By my one true enemy
One to stand and fight
Wielding equal might
He who dares to oppose me

Odin's firstborn son
Wanted me undone
Mjölner trembling with power
Eitr guide his fate
Death through rightful hate
Thor I will devour

Lord of every sea
Doom of Midgard's tree
Yggdrasil will drown
By my wrath I'll bring the Aesirs down

Thor and I will fight
In the twilight plight
Thunder meets the waves
Our clash will lead to our graves

Remember my call
Through Hymer's tale we forged our fall
Torn and bound by hate
To seal our final fate
Judgement comes for all of us
Frozen chains from dark beyond
Pathways that we choose in life
Will forge our chains and bond

Every soul is weighed by death
And destiny's cruel game
Either you will bask in blood
Or sleep in endless shame

Some of us will die in fight
When Valkyries give call
These Einherjars, blessed by war
Will stand in Odin's hall

Some of us will die in vain
By age or by disease
Outcasts from the glorious dead
Shunned by god's displease

Those that die without a fight
Will walk on frozen plains
Where endless hunger, frost-rid cries
And grim-clad sorrow reigns

You will board the Naglfar
A ship from dead men's nails
All you souls, abandon hope
To Nifelheim we sail

In this land of death and cold
Hel do rule supreme
Last of trickster Loki's blood
Now a darkened queen

One side pale and beautystruck
That's only matched by Frey
Other half is maggot-filled
Dead and ashen grey

Banished by gods
Betrayed by their highborn lord
Ensnared in her hate
Declared deaths own shadow ward

Cast away from Aesir's halls
Broken, tattered, scorned by dread
Vengeance cured in twilight times
When she commands the vengeful dead

Helheim grants a cold embrace
If your demise lacked battle cry
Kneel before your one true god
And pledge allegiance when you die

The goddess of spite
End times will grant her right
To claim stolen life
Through Hel gods will know demise
Our story dwells in pagan times
When darkness ruled in Denmark 500 AD
Hrothgar mighty king of Danes
Sat on his throne, proclaiming loud and joyously
"Warriors, enjoy your mead in this great hall
This Heorot, I've built for you"
The walls were shaking from the songs of drunken tales
A grand feast our Hrothgar threw

Suddenly all lights went out and silence rose
As the warriors drew their swords
Through the gates I smashed my way into their hall
For death and hate I roared
Crushing bones and drinking blood of fallen foes
Thirsty souls were lost in pain
The morning after Hrothgar said
"Now seal this hall, no joy will echo again"

The curse of Grendel's fate
A path of vengeful hate
In blood and hope they'll pay
For casting me astray

Finally I met my match in geaten hands
When Beowulf and I did meet
Iron gripped, two equal beasts, in mortal dance
For victory we did compete
Beowulf then topple me and snatched my arm
I ran, defeat was mine
Ultimately loss of blood demanded my rest this one final time

A legend has been born
From where my life was torn
But know this from my tale
The one true monster did prevail