02 October 2022

The tour has now come to an end.

It’s been a trip I’ll never forget.

We played 9 days in a row on this Tour.

We have ridden a 9-seater Ford Transit and departed from Stockholm.

We started by playing at Thorshammer Open Air Festival in Suhl Germany. The next day we went to Magdeburg (also here in Germany) Club Flowerpower.

We were supposed to play at Coast Rock Festival, but the festival was canceled a week before we were supposed to leave.

We went together with the guys in Zornheym when they played at both places as well.

The next day we released parts of the band at the Airport in Cologne. After that we moved on to Geleen in the Netherlands to play at Café De Meister. It was probably my hardest gig on the tour when you did not really get warm in the clothes when we had gotten up very early in the morning and with some sleep and gone for a long time on the bus.

The next day we steered the bus towards Paris when we were going to play at Le Club. Really cool place where you went down into a basement vault. Also hit the head in a hanging ceiling monitor 2 times so you saw stars.

What a giant city it is! Definitely a city I'd like to return to tour.

On tour you don't always really have time to see things you would otherwise like. A lot of time is spent instead traveling and packing in / out from the playgrounds when the time to be at the playground is from about 16:00 onwards.

After Paris we moved on to the city of Lille.

The playground was called la brate cave. Really cool place where the owner also runs an arcade hall. However, everything was closed down but he would have everything up and running for the next time we came back.

The next day we steered the bus towards Belgium, Bree.

There we played at Ragnarok Live Club. Really good scene with phenomenally good home-cooked food. The owner was absolutely blissful and wants us back on a weekend instead (we played on a Wednesday which resulted in a very short crowd unfortunately).

But if the owner is satisfied and wants us back and make a bigger event on a weekend until next time, that's a victory in itself I think.

The next morning we drove to the Netherlands once again. The club for this evening was called Mukkes in the town of Leeuwarden.

We almost got stuck with the bus in an alley near the club when the gps showed a slightly strange route. It was on the millimeter that we were actually stuck between two houses. The place itself was something of a Punkrock hook that had a nice atmosphere with nice people.

In the usual order, we steered the boat on the next morning to the next place. Now against Germany again where the last two gigs would take place. The first stop was the city of Cottbus at club Muggefug.

It was a really cool place with a giant backstage with toilets, lounge, catering and even dorm room where we would sleep for the night. Otherwise, we have stayed in hotels in every city we have played in.

At this gig it was like we had closed the door a little bit with our music and gangre. The crowd was wilding and it was really packed for that venue. The merch booth went hot this evening which is also fun of course.

The last game day and tomorrow we jumped on the bus and headed towards Schwerin.

The evening and the last stop of the tour was The Scotsman. A little like Muggefug in the Netherlands, this place also had a little punk vibes over it. We were well received with really good homemade Chili Con Carne and free bar.

Now I'm sitting on the bus in Denmark as I write this with mixed emotions. Of course I miss the family back home, no talking about it. It will be nice to come home.

But this trip is something of a boy's dream come true. Agree that going like this on tour is not for everyone (although this may count as short for some). Didn't really know myself what was expected, even though you have looked at countless tour vlogs and read grotesquely many tour memories in different newspapers over the years.

We have had such a peaceful time!

Sometimes you have been worn out with muscle pain, fatigue and even a cold now at the end that has haunted. But we have all helped and supported each other. We have become a really well oiled machine.

This time has passed really fast and we haven't really grasp everything yet. For me, it helps a little to write all this down. Still going to take a while to digest it all.

We're a little shocked at how well received we've been at every gig. And we are welcome back to every place where the owners/organisers have been absolutely lyrical.

Now it will be home and work again in the usual order, but we still have a gig at home in Stockholm that is booked in November (19:). So it will be to scratch for it and come up with an impactful setlist for it.

This tour could never have happened without our phenomenal manager Brigitte (Hell Frog Promotion)!

You shall have a big thank you!

You are gold!! ("Bree!! ")

Last but not least, thanks also to my brothers in the band! ("Soldiers of Love... )

I’m going home with a smile on my face seeing my family, but also after all the fun memories made on this trip.

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