09 March 2023

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odin's wisdom, heed!

Ravens brings two grand reviews from our fearsome musical raid at the mighty Cernunnos Pagan Fest , and in frankish nontheless!

We miss you France, and hope to raid your shores soon again!

Valkyries Webzine:

"Havamal officiates in a melodic death, enriched with epic orchestrations and focused on Norse mythology. We immediately think of Wintersun, but also of Brymir and Kalmah. On stage, the musicians are very comfortable, super energetic, the singer Björn interacts regularly with the public and presents the different pieces of his guttural voice seeming to emerge straight from the abyss. The man even came among us to sing in the pit".

Link to the entire review, in french:


Vecteur Magazine:

"Havamal loves the public, and it shows! We participate, heads shake, arms are raised, horned fingers bristle the field of vision. In one hour, everything that makes a good concert is linked"

Link to the entire review, in french:


We cannot do anything else than staying humbled in awe of the grand words you gift upon us. A thousand bloodied thanks to Vecteur Magazine and Valkyries Webzine for your epic words!

For Tyr! For Thor! For Odin! For Vecteur Magazine! For Valkyries Webzine! For the hymn-weavers! For Havamal!

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