27 November 2020

Havamal and Sandra part paths.

With each battle fought, a bond is formed. That bond will live eternally on even though the persons sealing that bond drifts apart. Now, as Sandra leaves her former axe-wielding bass-self behind and therefore the role as one of the hymn-weavers, the bond of flesh and steel is gone yet the bond of music and memories remains.

Even thought Sandra and the rest of Havamal has chosen different paths, the music will live on stronger than ever, and the pagan flame will burn everbright across our realms! And We thank her for her musical battleaid, wish her the best of luck in her endeavours, and may Odin guide her path evermore!

We, the hymn-weavers, would like to inform our pagan hordes that the studio progress will continue unhindered and that the new beast of an album is well on the way of being released amongst us mortals!

Hail Sandra! Hail her now resting axe-hand! Hail her legacy! Hail the times to come! Hail our fearless warriors! Hail the hymn-weavers! Hail Havamal!

Photo by Tobias Myllynen

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