23 February 2023

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odin's wisdom, heed!

Sometimes the battle axes and war cries needs to be set aside to pay tribute and raised mead horns to our loyal warriors. Some warriors sings the shieldsongs side by side with us, some warriors goes to the realms of Hel with us without hesitation, and then there's Luigi...

Our shield-brother, our Huskarl, our sixth unofficial member, our audience sound guy, our most fierce supporter, our tribute master, our general of the Hordes, our personal friend.

A huge, Odin-besmiled happy birthday to you on your 50th of birthdays! With many more years to come together We, the hymn-weavers of Havamal, salute and give praise to you!

For Tyr! For Thor! For Odin! For Luigi! For his celebration! For Havamal!

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