23 December 2021

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odins wisdom, heed!

The ravens now brings whispers from Valhallas musical forges of news that many of our warriors have requested since the day We announced our latest album epic:


Working together with Art Gates Records. We have transcribed our hymns to this limited edition piece, and it brings an even bigger smile to Odin than the record itself!

So pick one up before you need to oath yourself into a Holmgang with your fellow heathen warrior to claim one of these beauties!

Hail the vinyl collection! Hail those that recieves it! Hail the hymn-weavers! Hail Odins wisdom! Hail Havamal!

HAVAMAL followers! Brothers and sisters!!!šŸ¤˜

This is our special gift for all of you this Christmas!šŸŽ„

āš”ļø The special edition for Havamal's "The Shadow Chapter" is finally available to be preordered on the AGR Online Store!

āš” Marbled blue & green editions limited to 100 copies each one! Also including:

ā–¶ļø š…š®š„š„ š‚šØš„šØš®š«šžš š†ššš­šžšŸšØš„š & š•š¢š§š²š„ š’š„šžšžšÆšž

ā–¶ļø šˆš§šœš„š®ššžš¬ šššš§š š„š±šœš„š®š¬š¢šÆšž ššØš¬š­šžš«

ā–¶ļø š€šÆššš¢š„ššš›š„šž š¢š§ š†š«šžšžš§ & šš„š®šž š‚šØš„šØš®š«šžš š•š¢š§š²š„

ā–¶ļø š–šØš«š„šš°š¢ššž š’š”š¢š©š©š¢š§š 

Preorders available on:

ā–¶ļø Exlusive Marbled Blue Edition

ā–¶ļø Exclusive Marbled Green Edition

ā–¶ļø Special Double Vinyl Pack

More info on www.artgatesrecords.com and:



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