21 May 2021


Now raven echoes in Asgaard proudly proclaims throughout the Nine realms that the dawning release of our new saga, The Shadow Chapter, is finally here!

We invite all our Einherjars and Valkyries to rejoice in this glorious occasion with us to share the hymns of the old gods and monstrous tales that this album breaths life into! May the songs of the Viking mythos never die!

Produced by Havamal.

Recorded and mastered at SolnaSound Recording by Simon Johansson & @Mike Wead.

Hail the release of our album! Hail The Shadow Chapter! Hail our horde that will listen to our sagas! Hail Odin's infinite inspiration! Hail the hymn-weavers!

Hail Havamal!

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