20 November 2022

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odins wisdom, heed!

Ravens bring a thousand bloodied thanks for an epic night in the light of the heathen flame at @Harry B James!

Odin smiles upon all gathered warriors that partook in our musical blot, and We, the hymn-weavers, couldn't have asked for a better audience! A massive thanks for making this night epic and complete!

And a massive thanks to our great sound technician Andreas Vaple! You're a sound wizard!

Clips from this musical battlefield will soon be available to all our warriors across the Nine realms that wants to partake in our forlorn hymns!

For Thor! For Frey! For Odin! For our warriors! For Harry B James! For the hymn-weavers! For Odins infinite wisdom! For Havamal!

Photo: Richard Ericsson-Siwers

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