20 May 2022

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odin's wisdom, Heed!

Ravens brings whispers of both bad and good news regarding "The Shadow Chapter" vinyls..

Firstly, bad news is that we have to postpone the shipping date again due to bumpy roads and harsh seas from the factory with the test pressings. But this will be the last (crossing fingers) time We change the date.

The new shipping date will be 15th July!

The good news is that We now have received the test pressings and after the listening session We can confirm...

That it sounds as it should: Epic!!

As you can see on the picture, Andreas is quite satisfied with the results.

So bear with us, and your order will be sent from 15th July, by Odin's will!

Follow these links to preorder your copy!

ā–¶ļø š…š®š„š„ š‚šØš„šØš®š«šžš š†ššš­šžšŸšØš„š & š•š¢š§š²š„ š’š„šžšžšÆšž

ā–¶ļø šˆš§šœš„š®ššžš¬ šššš§š š„š±šœš„š®š¬š¢šÆšž ššØš¬š­šžš«

ā–¶ļø š€šÆššš¢š„ššš›š„šž š¢š§ š†š«šžšžš§ & šš„š®šž š‚šØš„šØš®š«šžš š•š¢š§š²š„

ā–¶ļø š–šØš«š„šš°š¢ššž š’š”š¢š©š©š¢š§š 

Preorder "The Shadow Chapter" Exclusive Vinyl Limited Edition on:

ā–¶ļø Exlusive Marbled Blue Edition

ā–¶ļø Exclusive Marbled Green Edition

ā–¶ļø Special Double Vinyl Pack

Hail the test presses! Hail this upcoming vinyl! Hail our warriors that will listen to its crystal clear sound! Hail Odin's infinite wisdom! Hail the hymn-weavers! Hail Havamal!

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