19 July 2022

Heed Einherjars and Valkyries!

Due to circumstances completely out of our control, the manufacturer of the vinyl edition of The Shadow Chapter have managed to send out a wrong version of the album.

This means that the preorders that have been sent are faulty.

As stated in the message below, this wrong is being corrected, and you loyal souls out there will soon receive the correct version of the vinyl!

The people that are being affected by this should have received an email with more information.

Although the band had no part in this process, we still extend our apologies, and ask for some patience will this is being sorted!

Thank you all for your support from us in the band!

Message from Art Gates Records:

Dear Havamal followers and customers of our store,

We are sorry to let you know the vinyl edition of Havamal - "The Shadow Chapter" includes a mistake with its master.

Another audio master was recorded in the manufacture process and now we are in the path to solve this problem ASAP with the manufacture company.

For the moment you can expect news from us very soon as we will keep in touch and contact soon regarding this matter.

No need to say we will replace/ send you a new vinyl when the mistake is corrected. We expect this problem to be solved as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your patience and consideration.

Yours truly.

Iván Magdalena & the AGR Team

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