09 March 2021

Due to yesterday's crushing news about LG Petrov We postponed our hails to today instead.

RIP LG. Hope the Valkyries carries you into eternal rest and ease and that your loved ones will find comfort and light in this dark time.

Havamal and the hymn-weavers would like to extend a happy, yet late, International Women's Day to all those of you that are blessed by the Valkyries and the Ásynjur!

May Frigg fill your life and spirits with strength and prosperity, and may We all meet soon again on the musical battlefields!

Hail the Aesir and the Ásynjur! Hail our fierce and proud Valkyries! Hail the hordes of Odin's faith! Hail the coming album! Hail the hymn-weavers!

Hail Havamal!

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