08 December 2021

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odin's wisdom, heed!

This years Spotify Wrapped have shown the fighting spirit of our most proud warriors of the Olden faith, and We are still humbled for all your undying support and dedication! Odins blessings upon you all, brave horde!

Yet, We are equally humbled that a dedicated pagan soul have given our elder hymn Death of Balder an impressive 67 spins this year!

So, proud pagan horde, which song or songs caught your musical attention, and how many spins did the song or songs take? Share this story with us!

Hail our listeners! Hail Spotify Wrapped! Hail those that make Havamal possible! Hail Odin's infinite inspiration! Hail the hymn-weavers! Hail Havamal!

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