07 January 2022

Valkyries & Einherjars!

Here comes a greetings video and a reminder from Tino and the rest of us!

Hail from Tino!

Have YOU ordered our latest album "The Shadow Chapter" on Vinyl!? You can order a green one or a blue one. Or why just order bundle pack and have both!?

The vinyl is a strictly limited edition to only 100 copies each!

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āš” Marbled blue & green editions limited to 100 copies each one! Also including:

ā–¶ļø š…š®š„š„ š‚šØš„šØš®š«šžš š†ššš­šžšŸšØš„š & š•š¢š§š²š„ š’š„šžšžšÆšž

ā–¶ļø šˆš§šœš„š®ššžš¬ šššš§š š„š±šœš„š®š¬š¢šÆšž ššØš¬š­šžš«

ā–¶ļø š€šÆššš¢š„ššš›š„šž š¢š§ š†š«šžšžš§ & šš„š®šž š‚šØš„šØš®š«šžš š•š¢š§š²š„

ā–¶ļø š–šØš«š„šš°š¢ššž š’š”š¢š©š©š¢š§š 

Preorders available on:

ā–¶ļø Exlusive Marbled Blue Edition

ā–¶ļø Exclusive Marbled Green Edition

ā–¶ļø Special Double Vinyl Pack

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