06 April 2023

Einherjars and Valkyries of Finland, heed!

Tomorrow we steer our longship towards the combined metal fury when We, the hymn-weavers of Havamal, join forces with Thy Kingdom Will Burn to raid your finnish shores!

Two cities will face this pagan alliance in its full might!

Khiral will also join forces in Helsinki

8/4 - Varjobaari, Tampere
9/4 - Bar Loose, Helsinki

We hope to meet as many of our fellow heathens as possible, so be there when We for the first time ever set our steel-cladded feet on finnish soil, by Hels decree!

For Tyr! For Thor! For Odin! For Finland! For Thy Kingdom Will Burn! For the hordes! For the hymn-weavers! For Havamal!

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