05 December 2022

Einherjars and Valkyries, heed!

You can now buy your exclusive copy of "The Shadow Chapter" on Vinyl through our bandcamp and directly from the band!

Worldwide shipping!

This proud beast of ours is a Gatefold colour vinyl (Green marble and/or Blue marble). And it comes with an A3 Poster of the band.

We have a strict number of only a 100 copies each, so go get them before they run out, by Hel!

This precious gem is yours for 30€ + Shipping cost, Or both blue and green (bundle pack) for 50€ + Shipping cost.

Don't miss out and grab you copy before it runs out on the market!

It's the perfect Yulegift to uphold the paganism in this grand holiday.


Skål from the hymn-weavers!

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