04 October 2022

Einherjars and Valkyries of Odins wisdom, heed!

Ravens now proclaims that our tour has ended, and our drakkars have finally returned home with riches, gold and an overhwelming sensation of joy and lust from our journeys!

This tour has been a milestone for the band and the hymn-weavers as well, and by that it has steeled our resolve to embark on musical raids across the world in the future!

Big plans will be in action in the time to come.

Havamal would like to thank Thorshammer Festival, Flowerpower Magdeburg, Café de Meister, Le Klub, La Brat Cave, Ragnarok Live Club, Alternative Rockcafe Mukkes, Muggefug e.V. and The Scotsman Pub for having us as well as giving us the warmest welcomes and being helpful all the way. A thousand bloodied thanks!

We also would like to thanks the acts that joined us on these musical raids!

Zornheym, OfficialGallia, Kozoria, Stiriah, Axis Mundi, Yrzen, Holzen. A pleasure to make your acquaintance! Odin smile upon you all!

We would like to give a huge shoutout to Brigitte at Hell Frog Promotion! As the mastermind behond this tour We can't thank you enough and We can't wait to get out on the roads again with you, dear Valkyrie of ours!

Lastly We would like to thank each other for a grand journey that brought us as a band and as chosen family closer together. What would the hymn-weavers be without each other? The best chosen brothers one could ask for!

For Tyr! For Thor! For Odin! For our pagan warriors! For Hellfrog! For this tour! For the hymn-weavers! For Havamal!

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